The vineyard area extends over 29 hectares of hillside land at an altitude ranging from 150 to 300 meters above sea level and with an east south-east exposure.


The company makes wine only from autochthonous grapes (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara) originating from its own vineyards.

In agriculture we pay great attention to the safeguard and respect for the environment convinced as we are of the fact that future generations will have to live off the cultivation of these lands: for years we have discontinued the use, which is unfortunately widespread, of herbicides to clear weeds, and of polluting and highly toxic pesticides and anticryptogamic agents, for the preservation of the micro-flora of the land, of the water tables and in general directly or indirectly for the safeguard of man’s health.


Starting in 1990 all the dry walls (marogne) have been restored, preferring the terracing solution, which guarantees an optimal exposure, to easier and economical excavation solutions which are nowadays feasible thanks to the great progresses in the mechanical field (powerful tractors and excavators etc…) which in the past few years have partly changed the morphology of our hills.


The love for our land, which we consider unique and incomparable, is shared by all the members of our family.