The Azienda Agricola Ca’ la Bionda is situated in the commune of Marano di Valpolicella, in the heart of the historically “classic” zone of the Valpolicella. The vineyard area extends over 29
hectares of hillside land at an altitude which ranges between 150 and 300 meters above sea level and with an eastern exposure. The winery, recently renovated and restructured, was founded in
1902 by Pietro Castellani who was both a passionate and dedicated grape grower and wine-maker.


The Castellani family, currently in its fourth generation, continues with the same commitment and passion the work began by Pietro more than one hundred years ago. All phases of the wine-making process, cultivation of the highest quality grapes, grape harvest, vinification, ageing and marketing are carried out directly by the family. Particular attention and care are given to the delicate process of grape drying or “appassimento” that is essential for the making of Recioto and Amarone, the region’s greatest and most noble wines.


While the new winery demonstrates great aesthetic taste it is above all highly practical and functional. By exploiting the natural topography of the land the new winery has been designed without the need to use pumps for moving musts and wine around the winery. As the different phases of the process of vinification are carried out on different levels of the winery we are able to exploit the force of gravity for shifting volumes of must or wine around the winery. In this way the wine is not subjected to the violent impact that is typical of a pump and ensures a better preservation of all the wine’s inherent qualities.


The quality and authenticity of our wines are the result of an uncompromising passion that is shared by all members of the Castellani family and which has been passed from generation to generation for more than a century.