GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Corvina Veronese

REGION OF ORIGIN: Valpolicella classico, the historical heart of the Valpolicella.

SOIL: The soil is mainly clay – limestone with a significant presence of fragmented rocks and stones. This soil type contributes freshness and elegance to our wines, qualities that are essential for producing age worthy wines.

VINEYARDS: The vineyards are located on the hill known as “Ravazzol”, an area with an exceptional vocation for viticulture due to the local climatic conditions and an ideal altitude ranging from 200 to 300m above sea level. The average vine age, more than 60 years, and the naturally low yields, 5-6 tonnes/hectare, also contribute to the quality of the grapes we are able to harvest from these vineyards.

HARVEST: Typically we begin harvest in the last week of September and continue until the end of October

VINIFICATION AND AGEING: Only in the very best vintages, when summer temperatures are not too extreme and autumns aren’t too humid, are we able to carry out a late harvest of the best Corvina grapes selected from the best vineyard parcels on the Ravazzol hill.  These grapes are used to make a limited number of bottles of what we consider to be our great reserve wine. The harvest is prolonged, lasting at least a month, so that the best grape bunches can be selected progressively  as they reach optimum ripeness. The grapes harvested from the first selection are left to dry for a short time and then crushed with the freshly harvested grapes from successive pickings. All the grapes are then fermented together in open 1000 litre wooden vats. Following  fermentation the wine is then racked into another same sized vat where it is left to age closed for 36 months.


Like many “mono-varietal” wines, our Corvina is unique in the aromas it expresses; aromas of a past age, able to surprise and captivate the most seasoned of wine drinkers, a wine that can happily age and improve for at least 20 years.